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    Astroid Boys

    Newcastle Think Tank

    When asked to describe Astroid Boys’ sound, Traxx uses their pre-coined phrase “Gnar Kill Dubstep Punks”, he clarifies its meaning by describing themselves as gnarly energetic rappers over hip-hop/rock/grime infused dubstep. Similar acts include Foreign Beggars, Odd Future, and Dope DOD. Such a hybrid of genres is explained by the group’s various influences, which Traxx goes on to list for each member. Starting with himself, perhaps coming as a surprise to some, he says how within his wide taste for music he is particularly influenced by punk rock and hardcore, bands such as Down to Nothing and Trash Talk.
    He goes on to mention rappers like Ludacris and Homeboy Sandman and explains his love for “getting shit off your chest at shows”.
    Traxx then summarizes his fellow band members’ influences, describing Benji’s tastes as “all about rap”, listening to anything from Andre 3000 to Drake,
    DJ Comfort drawing from raw hip-hop like Cypress Hill and ODB,
    and Dell’s particularly varied influence, ignoring genre categorisation.
    Traxx notes the success of Astroid Boys as being in three stages,
    The first stage being the doldrums of obscurity
    when they first appeared on the scene,
    the second being after the release of their ‘Space Jam EP’ where they played to crowds of around 500 people, and the third stage they are still riding out.

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