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    Dead Boys

    Gorilla Manchester

    Cleveland in the middle ‘70s. Grey skies punctuated by sweltering factory furnaces, casting an orange glow and a sulfur stink, it was a Rust Belt dead-end town where frustration bristled like an electric wire under water – and the Dead Boys buzzed as if they’d picked up that wire and were gonna hang on for all the short-circuiting, energy scrambling glory.

    They were – to put it bluntly – scary. In Northeastern Ohio, where Chrissie Hynde had escaped to London, Stiff was about to sign Rachel Sweet and Devo rode high concept concepts to local acclaim, Rocket From The Tombs shattered into art provocateurs Pere Ubu and violent nihilists the Dead Boys, whose rage against the machine was palpable.
    Their anger was palpable. They incited fights, sounded like silverware spun in a high impact blender, didn’t give a fuck – and took a ferocious whelp at power pop forms. Sneering, leering, fuming, Young, Loud & Snotty seemed almost tame compared to the live shows where Cheetah Chrome’s guitar would slice right into you, Johnny Blitz’s drums would attempt to topple you and Stiv Bators frantic howl and crowd-baiting presence would yield maximum mayhem.

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    • Show time:19:00