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    Doyle (Misfits)

    Newcastle o2 Academy2

    Doyle comprises of Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (former Misfits guitarist) and Alex Story (Cancerslug vocalist)and Drummer Brandon Pertzborn ( Blackflag ). Doyle’s demented new brainchild is a brutal new brand of horror metal. We shy away from the “Horror Punk” scene even though Doyle is the King of Horror Punk. This is more of a Metal group and would like to be booked as so. In October 2013 Doyle released their premier album Abominator through his own label MonsterMan Records. Abominator is a twisted tale of terror that captures the beauty of the dark side. Check out the Doyle Soundcloud to hear tracks from Abominator.

    • Ticket price:£10.00
    • Ticket hotline:08444 771 000
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