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    Hayseed Dixie

    Wylam Brewery, NCL

    If Hayseed Dixie and thus Rockgrass hadn’t been created by John Wheeler and Mike Daly in the summer of 2000, then God (Allah, Bodhisattva, YHWH, Ra, Someonekeepsmovingmychair, “insert God of your choice here”) would have had to create Rockgrass at that exact moment anyway – because it was the necessary logical outgrowth of the confluence of the many major popular musical styles preponderant at the time (2001 – today), all of which had ultimately proposed their own respective heads so far up inside of their own respective hinter regions that they could no longer see their own purported audiences through their own major intestines.

    • Ticket price:£16.50
    • Ticket hotline:0843 902 0768
    • Show time:19.30